The Seebaldt Pilot

The Seebaldt Pilot


Detroit, MI

It Starts at Home

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Constance Bodurow
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The "Seebaldt Pilot" will implement a Net Zero Energy (NZE) district in 48204, anchored by a Community Center as the "seed" or epicenter of a larger NZE infrastructure and collectively owned neighborhood micro grid. The Seebaldt Pilot is based on acquisition and use of concentrations of vacant parcels along Ironwood and Beechwood - the "Energy Avenues" (originating at Maplewood, crossing I-96, and terminating at Seebaldt) for solar and geothermal energy generation; an initial focus on Seebaldt Avenue from I-96 to Tireman (residential, institutional, and commercial structures) as pilot beneficiaries for energy efficiency programs and subsidies and energy generated (electricity, HVAC) from the NZE micro grid; Rainwater collection and Stormwater mitigation along I-96 ROW, Seebaldt Avenue, and its N-S Alleyways, and Workforce Development for efficiency, solar and geothermal energy installation/operation/maintenance, and food systems.