The Seebaldt Pilot
The Seebaldt Pilot
The Seebaldt Pilot

The Seebaldt Pilot


Detroit, MI

Open the door for 48204!

Awarded:: Seed Funds, TA Voucher, Participant

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Constance Bodurow
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Project Description

Project / Program Description

The "Seebaldt Pilot" will implement a Net Zero Energy (NZE) district in 48204, anchored by a Community Center as the "seed" or epicenter of a larger NZE infrastructure and collectively owned neighborhood micro grid. The Seebaldt Pilot is based on acquisition and use of concentrations of vacant parcels along Ironwood and Beechwood - the "Energy Avenues" (originating at Maplewood, crossing I-96, and terminating at Seebaldt) for solar and geothermal energy generation; an initial focus on Seebaldt Avenue from I-96 to Tireman (residential, institutional, and commercial structures) as pilot beneficiaries for energy efficiency programs and subsidies and energy generated (electricity, HVAC) from the NZE micro grid; Rainwater collection and Stormwater mitigation along I-96 ROW, Seebaldt Avenue, and its N-S Alleyways, and Workforce Development for efficiency, solar and geothermal energy installation/operation/maintenance, and food systems.

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Application Video
Project Updates

TSP has received our first tranche, and we are currently initiating our first quarter planning and design activities with team members. We are attending webinars, conducting research, and welcome inquiries from the TA Marketplace from those with expertise in community solar finance, legal and regulatory matters.