Centennial Parkside Community Development Corporation

Centennial Parkside Community Development Corporation


Philadelphia, PA

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Christopher Scott
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The Centennial Parkside Community Development Corporation (CPCDC) was established with the intention of supporting residents of the Parkside community in Philadelphia. Its mission is to promote an equitable development strategy that sustains an economically and culturally diverse community, improves the health and well-being of residents, strengthens the community’s identity and connectivity to Fairmount Park, and enhances the quality of the physical environment.

The Parkside community—like many other low income communities—experiences the three major insecurities exacerbated by climate change: housing, food, and energy insecurity. With unsustainably high rent burdens, a high reliance on food and heating assistance, and an aging housing stock, residents require new solutions to the structural challenges facing them. By placing land-use planning and equity ownership back in the control of low-income residents, the CPCDC can accomplish two core goals: 

(1) bring low-income residents back into an energy economy to which they have had limited access 


(2) improve the health outcomes of low income communities.  

The CPCDC proposes to become the owner and operator of solar energy facilities that will produce several outcomes in support of CPCDC’s mission. As an earned revenue source, the income generated from selling the solar energy will provide the CDC with a predictable and sustainable resource to support the community, create jobs, and reduce residents’ energy bills. In short, through an innovative business model for solar we expect to improve the health outcomes, the economic outcomes and the social outcomes of low-income residents.