South Carolina
Project / Program Description

A team of public-private partners will engage low-income communities in the Upper Peninsula area of the City of Charleston, South Carolina in a pilot community solar project that is designed to reduce market barriers to solar, demonstrate proof of concept, increase capacity of the utility's community solar program, and provide new methods of outreach and awareness to expand solar access to low income ratepayers.  Additionally, the pilot will seek to combine community solar access with energy efficiency upgrades in order to demonstrate the value and potential of a combined approach.

Team partners will include The Sustainability Institute (a nonprofit 501c3 organization), South Carolina Electric and Gas Company (SCE&G), and The City of Charleston Department of Housing and Community Development.

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Community Engagement
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Additional Expertise
The Sustainability Institute is a trusted, nonprofit 501c3 organization that has managed a number of community-based energy efficiency programs in the Charleston area and is the backbone organization for a community planning and urban redevelopment effort that is focused on the Upper Peninsula area of Charleston, where this pilot program will take place. The Institute has partnered with SCE&G on a program to provide energy upgrades on low income homes, and SCE&G is in the process of launching a community solar program. The Department of Housing and Community Development works in targeted neighborhoods to stimulate community and economic development.