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NH Solar Shares
NH Solar Shares

NH Solar Shares


Plymouth, NH

Providing an Opportunity for more NH Families to Benefit from Solar PV Energy

Awarded:: TA Voucher, Participant

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Sandra Jones, Co-Director, Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative
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New Hampshire

Project Description

Project / Program Description

NHSolar Shares will provide an opportunity for community members to share thegift of locally generated solar energy with the grid, the planet and NHfamilies needing assistance with their electric bills. The project team willbuild community scale solar PV arrays where the value of the solar energy willbe credited to low income families' electric bills and provide them with energyeducation that will potentially further lower their utility costs. 

ThePlymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative (PAREI) voted recently to take on thedevelopment of NH Solar Shares as an arm of PAREI, to bring it from concept toreality.  The idea originated fromconversations with the NH Electric Cooperative who is ready to providetechnical and administrative assistance to carry out this new concept.   This project is building excitement because it will deploy more solar in ourregion and benefit families that have little to no access to solar PV energy.It is also exciting because a solar array of this type would be a gift thatwill keep on giving not only back to the environment but to low income familiesfor 30 or more years. It is also a gift to our electric grid and climate, strengthening ourenergy diversification by adding more locally generated clean energy to our utilities’power source mix.

Inaddition to building solar PV arrays this model will include finding ways forexisting solar PV system owners and newly installed solar PV installations tocontribute a portion of their solar energy to NH Solar Shares.  It will also include a method where anynon-profit can fundraise and own a NH Solar Shares PV array and either directthe total value of the solar PV to NH Solar Shares or share only a portion oftheir solar PV production with low income families in the program.

Our initialgoal is to raise $515,000 to develop fundraising and marketing materials, buildtwo to three large PV arrays totaling 125kW and design and begin an energyeducation program. We will install the first solar PV panels after $150,000 hasbeen raised, construction is scheduled to begin the summer of 2017.