RC Cubed Renewable Energy Finance Platform

RC Cubed Renewable Energy Finance Platform


Santa Cruz, CA

Accelerating Solar Energy Adoption by Not for Profit Organizations through Structured Finance

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James Rector
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RC Cubed Solar Finance Platform provides a solar funding platform for non profits that provide multiple structured financing options (solar energy service agreements, power purchase agreements and bank supported tax leases; all with with favorable early buy out options) that allow for Non Profits to finance renewable energy projects and capture a significant portion of the ITC and depreciation value.  RC Cubed allows for Non Profits to successfully partner with tax equity investors and debt investors that participate in a structured financing.  RC Cubed provides this service today on a very limited basis through our team of installers, financiers and staff underwriters.  Together, we are now ready to expand our service to the many solar capable states across the US, through a measured expansion process.  Our platform currently supports (through our data intensive, unique underwriting process), PACE, standard tax leases, mid term length solar energy service agreements and 20 year power purchase agreements.