Glass City Community Solar

Glass City Community Solar


Toledo, OH

Moving the Midwest from Rustbelt to Sunbelt

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John Kiely
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This project will bring innovation to a city struggling to regain an economic foothold, while building on its base of solar resources. It is unique in that it will:

  • Allow a struggling city to experience how solar energy can benefit its lower income residents, and seek additional opportunities to expand on that experience. 
  • Reduce energy bills for a major low-income housing provider, allowing the provider to use a portion of the energy bill savings to seed a fund to provide solar workforce training to interested residents. 
  • Provide real-world, hands-on experience in solar to BOSEF university students seeking innovative ways to improve their community, and expand the potential for job creation in the region. 
  • Work closely with the City and State to design a solar package that can be used in conjunction with other renovation and weatherization programs
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