Multifamily Affordable Housing Collaborative

The Multifamily Affordable Housing (MFAH) Collaborative seeks to demonstrate replicable models for solar energy deployment that reduce resident’s monthly electric utility bills by at least 10 percent or provide other direct benefits for low-income residents of multifamily housing.

In partnership with Urban Ingenuity and Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future, the NCSP’s Multifamily Affordable Housing Collaborative will concentrate on the following objectives:

  • Ownership and Financing: Demonstrate promising strategies that overcome barriers to community solar in MFAH for a variety of ownership and financing structures, and building types, including either master-metered or multi-metered buildings.
  • Various MFAH Types: Provide tools and document replicable models (program action plans, project implementation models, etc.) to assist housing providers with incorporating solar into a variety of MFAH types.
  • Tenant Benefits: Develop best practices for effective resident engagement in program development and for providing benefits directly and indirectly to residents from MFAH solar projects.
  • Technology Integration: Feature successful approaches for integrating complementary technologies (e.g. energy efficiency and storage) with solar to enhance project value and resident benefits.

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  • Appalachian Voices
  • Boulder Housing Partners (CO)
  • City of Boulder (CO)
  • Denver Housing Authority (CO)
  • Fifth Avenue Committee Solar (NY)
  • Meriden Housing Authority (CT)
  • National Church Residences
  • New York City Housing Authority (NY)
  • People Incorporated (MN)
  • Preservation of Affordable Housing
  • Seattle Housing Authority (WA)
  • Wesley Living (TN)
  • WinnCompanies