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The SunShot Initiative will be at Solar Power International in Las Vegas, Nevada. Please attend one of the free workshops we are hosting on Sunday, September 10.

Solar in Your Community Challenge Workshop (Register here)

Location: Surf Room A, Mandalay Bay Conference Center

Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm

The Solar in Your Community Challenge, sponsored by SunShot, is a $5 million prize competition that aims to expand solar access to low and moderate (LMI) income households; and state, local, and tribal governments; and non-profit organizations. Over 170 teams across the country were selected to participate in the Challenge. Within an 18-month period that began in May 2017, these teams must demonstrate innovative, scalable business and financial models that expand underserved communities access to affordable solar. The teams will compete to win a total of $1 million in final prizes. SunShot’s Solar in Your Community Challenge Workshop is an opportunity for the solar industry to learn more about emerging business models for LMI solar and to meet the teams and experts working on them. Challenge teams, consultants and coaches will share their innovative ideas for overcoming barriers to solar projects in their communities and discuss strategies for overcoming barriers to realizing their goals. Attendees will have an opportunity to learn, exchange ideas, network and make connections.

Unmet Data and Analysis Needs for Solar (Register here)

Location: Surf Room A, Mandalay Bay Conference Center

Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm

SunShot is holding a workshop to gain insight into the data and analysis challenges facing researchers, project developers, regulators, and others in the solar industry. Stakeholders will have the opportunity to discuss the new tools and datasets that are needed for the next generation of solar deployment. Participants will explore existing informational gaps and discuss innovative solutions. The workshop will be a place to learn and network with thought leaders at the cutting edge of solar, and discussions will help to guide SunShot’s long-term strategic planning.

Race to 7-Day Solar Highlights and Lessons Learned (Register here)

Location: Surf Room A, Mandalay Bay Conference Center

Time: 3:00pm – 4:00pm

In 2015, SunShot launched the SunShot Prize: Race to 7-Day Solar to motivate local governments, communities, solar companies and electric utilities to collaborate on improving the “going solar” experience from permit to plug-in for all Americans. Competing teams were asked to show innovation at-scale by installing small photovoltaic systems from September 2015 to March 2017 that aggregated to a minimum 10 megawatts of total installed capacity. The two teams that received the best scores for repeatability, time performance, and geographic replicability were eligible to win grand prizes. This 1-hour discussion will be the first opportunity for teams that completed the competition in March to share their journey of change. These teams will reflect on their successes and setbacks, draw from lessons learned, highlight insights, and offer recommendations for utilities, solar companies, and local governments that are trying to dramatically improve the going solar experience from permit-to-plugin.

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