The Seebaldt Pilot
The Seebaldt Pilot
The Seebaldt Pilot

The Seebaldt Pilot



Open the door for 48204!

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Constance Bodurow
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Project / Program Description

The "Seebaldt Pilot" will implement a Net Zero Energy (NZE) district in 48204 serving LMI Households. The neighborhood vision is to "secure, stabilize and sustainably grow". Eventually, the NZE district will be anchored by a Community Center providing needed services as the "seed" or epicenter of a larger NZE infrastructure and collectively owned distributed generation system. The Seebaldt Pilot is based on acquisition and use of concentrations of vacant parcels along Maplewood, Ironwood, and Beechwood - the "Energy Avenues" - for solar and geothermal energy generation and water management. Our initial focus for TSP (2017-2018) is on Seebaldt Street between Firwood and Beechwood (and the 25 HHs and LMI residents living there!) as pilot beneficiaries for energy efficiency programs, subsidies, and energy generated from the HnZE infrastructure, which also create a new public realm for 48204 and supports renewable systems for education, workforce development, culture, economic development, empowerment, and food systems. TSP/HnZE will also support rainwater collection for irrigation and other non-potable uses, and stormwater mitigation along Seebaldt and its N-S Alleyways.  Once tested and proven at the "one block" 100 kW scale, the plan is to scale and replicate in the entire 48204 district.

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Project Updates

TSP Team has received our first tranche, and we are currently completing our first quarter planning and design activities. We have identified our study area, LMI Households to be served, have secured our sites, and are moving into prototyping, testing, and monitoring of HnZE Canopies. We welcome inquiries from the TA Marketplace from those with expertise in community solar project design/engineering, financial and operating models, and legal, regulatory and policy matters.

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