Increased Economic Opportunities
Increased Economic Opportunities
Increased Economic Opportunities

Increased Economic Opportunities

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James Magee
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Project / Program Description

We had already been working on a method of distribution of renewable energy technologies to low income homes and community buildings when this contest was brought to our attention. We founded a very unconventional privately traded c-corp structured to promote community ownership with bylaws to protect the corporation and all investors in various ways on August 1st, 2016. We have established a group of interested home owners, local farmers, and community organizations. Our intentions are to build renewable energy efforts directly on homes, surrounding properties, empty lots maintained by the city, and local community buildings to sell electricity directly to local land owners and organizations at a large discount with no transmission fees allowing them to use what they need and resell the extra to the local utility distributors for personal gains.  After the construction, all of the proceeds from the sale of electric will go to maintenance and the installation of more systems at various locations. We had intended on having community generated funding to pay for the majority of our efforts until the income from the sale of electricity to various individuals was high enough to pay for future installations independently. These are goals that we expect to invest many man hours and personal finances into. We have already contracted with our first home and have been in contact with our local redevelopment authority as well as local utility distribution co-ops. We have also made agreements with licensed electricians and contractors for labor. We will begin construction of our first small 1kw system in the spring of 2017 with or without the assistance of funding from this contest. Our largest challenge has been in finances so we hope to be accepted into your contest to alleviate this issue. Each location must be independently contracted and assessed for the costs of installation and potential savings/earnings of an individual property participating. Using average U.S. home size and product specifications from solar equipment manufacturers, we can make a fairly accurate assessment that your average home can produce more than the average consumption of an American home on location. In Crawford County, PA, we have around 30,000 homes and 15% of them are considered impoverished or low income with many more in the middle class and several community organizations and public service buildings in the area as well. We have a large demographic of interested participants for various reasons, not all environmental. The personal gains of the individuals and organizations we do business with will give us an advantageous position for expanding to surrounding areas with little to no advertising. We had already intended on a slow expansion from residential demands to covering community buildings energy needs in our area. Our goal is to work with the preexisting companies and organizations to create a more economically friendly environment. Our efforts will directly increase the availability and lower the cost of residential electric for homes and possibly create an income moving theses homes out of the low income designation by the resale of electricity to local utility distributors. The organization will make money and be able to expand into surrounding areas with the earnings from electric sales to land owners in the long term, but we put priority on the ability to improve the lives of those we do business with first and our expansion and profits second allowing for almost instant gratification to participating land owners. I have attempted to be short and concise in my application. I would be happy to provide any additional information that you may desire about our organization and our efforts. 

Project Updates

We have onehundred and fourteen community memberes and three properties signed for instalation of equipment 6/14/17