GreenPower of North Carolina
GreenPower of North Carolina
GreenPower of North Carolina

GreenPower of North Carolina

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James Ward
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North Carolina

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Our Team has been working on getting solar on local non-profits, new and old.

However, even though our NC community wants to be a leader in solar technology, it hasn't been pleased with lengthy solar returns seen in 2016 and prior years.

In 2017, we are excited to now offer a new program to local non-profits that will only cost them $1/watt fully installed using the best solar panel manufactures and SolarEdge optimizers for free lifetime monitoring.  This gives non-profits a ~8 year ROI using just solar power offset and no incentives. We use a lease model where investors cover the remaining portion of the costs and who are able to take the incentives.  The sky is the limit.

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