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Seattle Sunbreaks
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Solar energy for multifamily affordable housing across Seattle

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The Seattle Sunbreaks Project Team aims to install solar photovoltaic systems on all feasible non-profit affordable housing sites in Seattle over the next three years, without relying on state incentives. This city-wide effort will deploy installations that offer positive cash flow to housing providers from day one, and will establish a scalable financing model which can be replicated in other regions that lack state support for solar. We plan to complete 10 of these projects in the next 18 months.

Low-income households—especially those residing in multifamily rental housing—have been left out of the clean energy revolution. Although cost-burdened, low-income communities want clean energy: a 2016 study identified clean energy and energy efficiency as the #2 carbon reduction priority for South Seattle survey respondents. Our project will offer locally generated clean energy to non-profit housing providers and their residents, and in the process, address inequities in the state incentive program, which has largely benefitted affluent single family homeowners.