S.P.F. Com-muni-ty Solar Coalition
S.P.F. Com-muni-ty Solar Coalition
S.P.F. Com-muni-ty Solar Coalition

S.P.F. Com-muni-ty Solar Coalition

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Using the sun helps our com-muni-ty run!

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Floresville Electric Light & Power Systems (FELPS), Schneider Engineering, and the owner municipal governments of Poth, Floresville, and Stockdale, Texas are excited about the opportunity to participate in the Solar in Your Community Challenge. By April 2018, FELPS will develop at least one 999 kW solar installation within its service territory that will provide 100% of its output to municipal and non-profit customers through fixed price community solar contracts. FELPS will utilize a purchase power agreement (PPA) arrangement with a developer to ensure minimal upfront costs are associated with the project, eliminating one of the largest barriers customers face when seeking to utilize green energy. The fixed price PPA arrangement will also ensure the sustainability of the project through rate stability for the municipal and non-profit customers and pricing stability for FELPS. The project will provide rural communities the opportunity to use the sun to help their com-muni-ty run!